Business Channels

Our Business Channels

Project Development

We provide a fully integrated solution to bring projects from conception to construction. Our project development services ranges from project siting and permitting, feasibility studies, establishing interconnection agreements, financing, and securing power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Project Financing

Project Finance Match Up Chartered Electric works with several financial institutions and Equity Investors that specialise in renewable energy in order to facilitate external finance for our clients. We deliver to you a broad range of financing solutions, giving you the opportunity to own a solar system at zero upfront cost. We guide We absorb the cost proposal, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the solar system. you through the financial due diligence to determine the right financial solution tailor-fit for your project.
Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
Chartered Electric’s PPAs are structured to have a fixed rental escalation which shields businesses from uncertain utility electricity tariff increases and allows precise forecasts and budgeting for future energy costs. Our PPA also provides you with the flexibility of a buy-out option.
Lease to own
Chartered Electric’s lease to own financial options offers our clients ownership transfer at no cost at the end of the contract period


We specialize in providing custom turnkey solutions to meet our client’s satisfaction. Right from the concept design through to the project completion stage, each project begins by understanding your requirements to develop a precise, tailor-made solution that meets all local requirements and regulation. Our highly trained project team is regularly complemented by continuous training to meet the latest technological developments.

Last mile Off-grid Electric

The Off Grid Electric division is established based on a social inclusive business model that develops off-grid energy solutions and energy services for last mile population in Africa. We believe that our lives depend on reliable and affordable energy services. As such the objective of this division to reach the energy underserved communities in Africa through alternative well-established energy distribution schemes that system supports all sectors: businesses, medicine, education, agriculture, infrastructure, communications and high-technology.

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